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USGLC Leadership Team

Dr. Reuben Egolf


Dr. Fernando Gonzalez


Dr. Everett Hershey

Vice President

Dr. Leland Hershey


The USGLC was born in the hearts of four men who wanted to see practical steps taken to bring the private sector and government together in a marriage of productivity. To utilize the existing minerals, products, and resources of a developing country to create economic engines of growth and introduce them to the international markets. To instill national pride, a can-do attitude, and produce an entrepreneurial spirit within the hearts of all citizens. Ultimately, working together to build bridges of peace, and constructing the stairs for the standard of living to ascend. Accepting our diversity ‚Äď protecting our unity. This is our hope, our dream, our vision, and our story.

USGLC Economic Development Councils

Dr. Astell Collins


USGLC Guyana Economic Development Council

Chairman of the Board
Habitat for Humanity Guyana Inc.

CEO & Founder
BD1 Leadershipo Development


Stephen Reyme


USGLC Suriname Economic Development Council


Sonia Valdes


USGLC Hispanic (US) Economic Development Council

Vice President
Memorial Plan


Dr. Eddie Victor


USGLC Bahamas Economic Development Council

Deputy Minister of Tourism
Grand Bahamas


Dubb Alexander

Member USGLC Advisory Board

USGLC Ethics Training

Living Life by Design


Dr. Redouane Chafei

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Founder and Chairman
Falcon Americas Group


Dr. Joseph Green

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Founder and Head Pastor
Antioch Assembly

Founder and Insurance Consultant
Josiah Generation Ministries LLC

2019 Movement


Dr. Eric Melwani

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Recent Activity

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The United States Global Leadership Council is dedicated to the improving of infrastructures that ultimately ameliorates the standard of living for the citizenry. Our projects consist of improving education possibilities of employment for young people technological...

NGO Arm of the USGLC

This Division of ECOSOC gives the USGLC more diversity in offering solutions to developing nations.