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The United States Global Leadership Council considers it the highest honor to be able to invite you to be a part of the Africa & Middle East Peace Conference in Washington DC on Dec. 13-15, 2017.

There will be a diverse global audience who are concerned about the struggles and pressing truths of underlying issues that contribute to instability and how to solve them. Panels and distinguished guests will be addressing how we can coexist peaceably, and achieve the generational aspirations of sincere and sustainable peace. This event is truly a one of a kind where all voices are welcome to create a platform of meaningful dialogue while maintaining respect for one another.

There will be ambassadors, government leaders, aid organizations, from the Middle East and Africa. It is a one-of-a-kind event where diverse opinions and thought is welcomed at the same table.

415 New Jersey Ave.
NW Washington, DC 20001

To provide a platform for nations to speak openly about issues that affect their region and global peace. A forum that presents a professional and sincere effort to educate all in attendance to what has transpired and the struggles towards building peace. It is an opportunity for nations to be heard globally who may feel they are not being heard concerning underlying issues as economic impoverishment, terrorism, and outside influences hindering the peace process. An occasion to increase visibility on the issues each nation sees as pertinent to the stability of their peace and existence.

Achieving the heights of peace through proactive dialogue and economic development

Goal and Objective
To increase understanding and dialogue, to reduce prejudices and tension, and encourage understanding
The Peace Conference will consist of representatives speaking on behalf of their nations, panel discussions, and Q & A sessions. A time of sincere focus on the common vision of peace without the personal attacks and activism. The United States Global Leadership Council is devoted to an unbiased, objective approach, and being solution driven.

On behalf of the USGLC and my esteemed co-chair Mr. Michael Bradle, it would be an honor to have you a part of this event. Thank You for your consideration.

Dr. Reuben Egolf
Chairman USGLC