USGLC Economic Development Councils

Dr. Astell Collins


USGLC Guyana Economic Development Council

Chairman of the Board
Habitat for Humanity Guyana Inc.

CEO & Founder
BD1 Leadershipo Development

Stephen Reyme


USGLC Suriname Economic Development Council

Sonia Valdes


USGLC Hispanic (US) Economic Development Council

Vice President
Memorial Plan

Dr. Eddie Victor


USGLC Bahamas Economic Development Council

Deputy Minister of Tourism
Grand Bahamas

Dubb Alexander

Member USGLC Advisory Board

USGLC Ethics Training

Living Life by Design

Dr. Redouane Chafei

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Founder and Chairman
Falcon Americas Group

Dr. Joseph Green

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Founder and Head Pastor
Antioch Assembly

Founder and Insurance Consultant
Josiah Generation Ministries LLC

2019 Movement

Dr. Eric Melwani

Member USGLC Advisory Board

Wayne Rollins

Member USGLC Advisory Board

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A Balanced Leader

A voice of balance needs to arise. One that can build a bridge over the chasm of tension, division, and discontentment in order to lead without polarizing the issues. An individual operating in the lofty heights of a statesman where convictions supersede the whimsical...

A Habit Leadership Cannot Do Without

Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." The power of habit is a motivator for trust. Why don’t people question or wonder if the sun will rise in the morning? It has erased all questioning, wonderment, and second...