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A colleague and member of the USGLC Advisory Board, Dubb Alexander, and I have developed an ethics curriculum and training for business and government. It will consist of an 8 hour day of training, instructing, practical involvement by the trainees, and Q & A. There will be 8 videos available that are a part of the package to be left behind for additional training. Our proposed launch date will be the first of December.

Below is an excerpt from the course.

What suffers the most in business is ethical deficiencies

When virtuous behavior is forgone then the design of the business will produce a cheapening effect across the board. Quality of human resources is reduced, production lessens, expectations falter within the company atmosphere, and reputation eventually is impugned.


A company can have the greatest invention or the most magnificent solution to a human need but if there is a lack of ethics piloting the system, it will run aground.


Ethics is the breeding ground for innovation, sustained prosperity, growth, and creating a legacy for future impact in generations to come.


Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do.


Ethics provide the platform to stand on to go to the next level.


Companies, now more than ever, are looking for leaders that not only focus on short-term profit but make long-term ethical decisions

More information will be coming soon on cost and the initial rollout.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Chairman of the USGLC