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The recent Africa & Middle East Peace Conference on December 13-15, 2017 hosted by the United States Global Leadership Council was a time of open dialogue, tremendous connectivity, and opportunities. The dialogue is continuing into actionable plans of possibilities as the USGLC wades into the peace process and economic development for nations that have been ravaged by civil conflicts and war. Sanctions has been a reoccurring topic in understanding that sustained economic development requires that citizens have accessibility to medical supplies and basic human needs.

We are currently assembling a team of political and legal experts to provide the strategy in dealing with this difficult subject in Syria.

Living AND Learning in Leadership 

If we attempt to find someone or something to blame for the past, we waste valuable energy from being invested in taking responsibility for our future. I believe that taking responsibility for one’s life becomes the greatest launching pads a person can construct in their lives. The concrete of humility sets the life for great achievements and future impact and legacy building. However, seeking to establish a victim mindset at the expense of personal responsibility dims my future and saturates my today with excuses. This takes away my motivation for change, sealing me in a perpetual frozen state at a moment somewhere in my past. Whether it be a society or an individual, learn to let go and truly believe there is a brighter tomorrow.

Don’t give past failures the power to neutralize your future successes. Don’t abort possibilities and goals by building monuments to past experiences that brought no reward. Instead, learn, persevere, and try again. Never give up what you know is possible!

We all have a certain stigma concerning the past. Things are usually said like “don’t bring up the past” in a sharp tone, or “forget the past” and so on. Though I understand the negative side of the past and the power it can wield over a future, it still can’t be ignored nor can it not be learned from. The past can be one of our greatest educational experiences in preparing us for a better future. In other words, Don’t GO through life, GROW through life! Living without learning is a painful existence.

Living AND learning is not a pain free life, but it makes the encounter worthwhile. Instead of being damaged by the adversity, I grow stronger, wiser, and more efficient. Look at the hand dealt to you (whether good or bad) as a tool for constructing a strong fortitude and commitment to make it to the goals you have set. Too many quit chasing the goal when things became hard and they change their goals instead of changing themselves.  Instead of terminating the goals at the expense of not changing, let’s permit humility to facilitate change and make it through the headwind of adversity to the goal line of accomplishment.

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