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For prosperity to flourish, there are two components that are necessary – peace and structure. Economic growth requires peace for investor confidence to create economic platforms and opportunities. Peace opens the door for business to walk through, while structure is needed for sustainability and viability. One creates the opportunity and sets the stage, while the other maintains sustainable movement. Whether in government or business, structure is a key to success.

Why does a rocket behave the way it does and why is it different from a parachute that behaves the way it does? One is designed to slice through the atmosphere at a high rate of speed while the other is designed to create drag and slow an object in motion. Since they are designed differently, they behave differently. How something is designed controls how it behaves. If you want to change the behavior of something, you must change or at least modify its design.

How an organization is designed determines how it performs. If you want to improve organizational performance, you’ll need to change the organizational design. And the heart of organizational design is its structure.

Never think of structure as a restricting inhibitor to progress and innovation. It becomes the support system to keep the focus of the organization concentrated on its goal. Structure assists in keeping leadership from shooting down multiple trails of imaginary goals produced by whims of imagination. Structure helps ensure that leaders are aligned with the philosophy behind the structure.  Then an environment for growth and forward progress is created.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Chairman – USGLC