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The USGLC was born in the hearts of four men who wanted to see practical steps taken to bring the private sector and government together in a marriage of productivity. To utilize the existing minerals, products, and resources of a developing country to create economic engines of growth and introduce them to the international markets. To instill national pride, a can-do attitude, and produce an entrepreneurial spirit within the hearts of all citizens. Ultimately, working together to build bridges of peace, and constructing the stairs for the standard of living to ascend. Accepting our diversity – protecting our unity. This is our hope, our dream, our vision, and our story.

An organization that promotes solution over profit, people above things, and innovation over the status quo. Moving forward…

Executive Board of the USGLC

1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 1025
Washington, DC 20006

Office 1-202-559-9197