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The United States Global Leadership Council is dedicated to the improving of infrastructures that ultimately ameliorates the standard of living for the citizenry.

Our projects consist of improving

  1. education
  2. possibilities of employment for young people
  3. technological advancement in agriculture and the lumber industry
  4. national economic priorities
  5. strategy in construction proposals
  6. ethical standards in business and government
  7. our ability to work within a nation without offending the culture
  8. relationships between the private sector of business and government

Making a difference in the world is a monumental task but worth the sacrifice. The waves of corruption that splash relentlessly upon the shores of humanity is both deafening and destructive. However, there are many in all echelons of our nations around the world, who are tirelessly resisting these destructive forces with the more powerful forces of honestly, truth, and genuine love for their neighbor.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place. Remember, a thousand mile journey begins with one step.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Chairman – United States Global Leadership Council